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What is the ECM?

The JCI European Capitals Meeting is an unofficial small international conference for members in the European capitals, focusing on learning, networking, cultural exchange, and fun.

How many participants will come?

The ECM conferences typically have around 100 participants. As ECMers, we believe it is important to maintain the intimate atmosphere which is so good for networking, thus the maximum participation is set at 100.

When will the program be ready?

The provisional program is already up on our website. It will be amended as we go along.  

What types of tickets will be available?

The purpose of the ECM is inspiration, network, sharing best practice, cultural exchange and international friendships between participants, thus we want to stay together as one group during the whole conference. Therefore only full conference tickets will be available, no 1-day tickets.

Can all participants get home hospitality?

We do not have capacity to offer all the participants home hospitality. However, we will endeavour to offer a first come first serve to those who register early. So hurry up 

Isn’t London expensive?

Yes and no. Living in London is quite expensive and being a tourist also costs alot more.  However, in  the ECM team we are focused on affordable prices, so the conference fee will be the same as for previous ECMs.

Is London safe?

London is considered a safe capital in the world, where you can walk on the streets at any time of the day or night. However, that said, please beware of the most common tourist crime in the big cities, such as pick-pocketing, etc.

Why come to London?

London is such a beautiful multi cultural City with more than a thousand years of History. It is known for its friendly atmosphere, historical sites, modern design, and delicious food. For example, JCI Greenwich is situated in Greenwich where The Meridian Line, or Prime Meridian, separates the eastern and western hemispheres just like the Equator separates the northern and southern. It’s been marked at Greenwich since 1884 in the courtyard of the Royal Observatory, where a stream of visitors take each other’s photograph standing on the line. It’s also marked by a green laser that stretches out across Greenwich every evening.

Do not forget your camera. There are always exciting things to see in London, whether it is historic landmarks such as Big Ben, the Tower of London and Houses of Parliament and new infrastructures and attractions such as London Eye and The Shard and more. 

Whatever the weather do not forget to carry an umbrella with you. With the unpredictable English weather you never know when it will rain.